About Us

Aconia Casting started life in a dingy cellar in 1982 on Warstone Lane in Hockley, Birmingham. Hockley has always been our home, working for two years from Caroline Street and then on to Northampton Street where we have stayed for the last thirty years.


The Company was formed by two friends, John McCabe and Peter Sheldon. Both had worked for jewellery manufacturing companies since leaving school.


Their first cast was done with a manual wind up spring arm with a crucible at one end and a weight at the other. Whoever was brave enough held a gas torch and melted the metal until molten spun it into the can.


We have managed to leave all of that behind us and now use only state-of-the-art equipment. Melting is controlled by computers that melt silver, gold and platinum in a vacuum protected by argon gas.


In the last ten years Aconia has grown considerably. Three years ago we moved to larger premises just three doors away at number 37 to accommodate the growing number of new furnaces, casting machines and 3D Printers we purchased.

Computer Aided Design/

3D Printing

CAD is now used in all aspects of our lives, from jewellery through to battleships.

Back in the day casters produced thousands of castings from moulds. These days most castings are bespoke, made especially to suit the customers needs. At Aconia we have state-of-the art CAD software to produce exactly what our customer wants.


It's no different with our printers, you need the best tools to produce the best work. Our up-to-date 3D printers will build models to bring your design to life and to your exact specification.


Send us your own file and we will build a model for you and then cast it. Or you can send us your design and we will draw, build and then cast your design precisely.

Moulds and Sprues

Moulds come in many different shapes and sizes and we can accommodate all of them.

The main material used today is white label, but cold moulds are a good option for more delicate items.


Spruing is a very important part of the process: how thick or thin and where it goes. This all affects the flow of metal to the right places.


We can sprue your resins or masters for you or advise you where they should go.


Casting is not always the easiest job to do. What makes it easier is the right casting equipment

The equipment we work with is used by some of the best casting companies in the world, so we know we are in good company.


We cast in all precious metals: silver, 18 yellow (red and white), 9 yellow (red and white), platinum and palladium.



Aconia Casting Company

37 Northampton Street



B18 6DU


Phone 0121 236 9838

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